I am going to refrain from making a political endorsement.  Honestly I am not too happy about either candidate for either major political party right now, and I know a lot of people feel the same way.  But a lot of people have very strong opinions about this election.  I have seen a lot of people vilify one another based on who they plan to vote for, and it is sad.  

The other day I saw someone on Facebook call out their mom and publicly insult her over a political comment.  I get that a lot is at stake in any presidential election and even more so in this election.  But there is no need for that kind of behavior.  Politics are not a good enough reason to insult a loved one or a friend.  We all need to be careful before we say or do something that we might regret. Life is short, you may not have a chance to take back or repair the relationship, and I can guarantee that your relationship with your family or friends are worth more than however strongly you feel about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

No matter who gets elected in November, at least half of the people in this country are going to be very unhappy with the results.  There’s a good chance you are going to be unhappy with the results.  And even if your candidate gets elected, you are probably not going to be thrilled with the results.  Think about that.  This election is not worth ruining the relationships that we have.  

More than ever, we need to come together instead of being divided.  So be nice, be civil, and realize that no matter who wins in November that we need more kindness in our world.